Newsletter – December 2013

There is something very magical about seeing preschools all excited about Christmas. Therefore, December was a lovely month at Under 5s, filled with excitement and lots of festive activities and crafts. From the decorating the tree and making Christmas cards, to making Christmas pictures and turning a large box into Father Christmas’ sleigh, there was lots of fun to be had!

The children also spent many sessions learning songs and practising for the nativity. Performing a play with over 20 pre-schoolers is always a challenge, but due to the hard work of the staff, lots of practice and some very well behaved children, this year’s play which took place in St Margaret’s Church, Yatton Keynell was a great success and watched by many parents, family and friends.

The end of the Winter term culminated in the traditional Christmas party, with festive fun, games and party food. As always, the highlight for all the children was the visit from a very special man in red, who gave each child a little present.
In between all the Christmassy activities, the pre-schoolers continued to enjoy taking part in activities centred on themes which particularly interest them. This month, a number of children showed particular interest in zoos and wild animals, which led to lots of zoo themed activities. This also provided the perfect opportunity for the children to visit the trees they planted last month by the pond in the field, and walk through the ‘jungle’ in the wild area nearby.

As we move into January, and whilst the excitement of Christmas is over, there is still set to be lots to enjoy at Under 5s in coming months, with several new starters to the preschool and lots of interesting activities planned!