Newsletter – January 2014

At Yatton Keynell Under 5s, all the children have settled straight back into preschool, after all the excitement of last term’s Christmas activities. After the break, all the children are re-energised and are looking forward to days spent learning and playing.

Here at Under 5s, it’s really important to us that as much as possible, activities take into consideration the interests and likes of the children. After all, children are much more likely to become engaged and learn from an activity, if it’s of interest to them. That’s why, from one week to the next, the themes we cover in preschool can differ drastically. For example, this month alone, the children have learnt all about a wide range of subjects, such the Winter and the changing weather as it started to get cold outside, to all kinds of dogs, from pets to sniffer dogs and jungle animals.

Offering children free choice, is also a great way to obverse the children at their best, whether its role play, playing with the kitchen or dolls or running around the room as an airplane! One activity at Yatton Keynell Under 5s that is always popular, is making things from balsa wood. It’s a great activity for children as it involves real tools, including hammers, nails and screwdrivers – all fully supervised of course! It enables the children to show some real creativity as they can make anything they like, from cars to dinosaurs, and also using the tools help to develop fine motor skills.

For those wanting to find out more about Under 5s, please pop along to our Open Morning on Monday 3rd March. Prospective new parents will have the opportunity to meet the staff and find out what our preschool is all about, and we’re also very much hoping that the children will have a visit from the one and only Peppa Pig!

Finally, Toddlers, our Friday afternoon toddler session, has slightly changed time and now runs from 1.30 -3pm – however all other aspects are the same, with lots of activities for the children and coffee and cake for the parents!