Newsletter – January 2015

After a hectic December full of Christmas activities, fundraising at the Yatton Keynell market and our own version the nativity, which sadly was minus a poorly Joseph, the children have all now settled back into the preschool routine, full of energy after the Winter break. As is usual at the start of every new term, there were several new starters joining Under 5s and it’s been great time for the children to get to know each other and for the older children to help to settle in the new younger pre-schoolers. There can be a massive difference between a child who has just turned two, and one who is approaching five and starting school, yet it’s always amazing how all the children take care of and help each other, and make lovely friendships irrespective of age.
Children often learn best outside, and at this time of year, cold crisp winter days are great for getting the children outside (wrapped up in coats and woolly hats!) and going on nature walks and seeing what the winter season has to offer. That’s not forgetting more rainy days where there is the opportunity for the obligatory jumping in puddles!
With more and more parents juggling the preschool run, the school run, work and other commitments too, it’s increasingly important for preschools to offer flexible childcare to suit the needs of as many parents as possible. That’s why, here at Yatton Keynell Under 5s we’re always talking to our current and prospective parents, and adapting our offering and opening times to give the best possible childcare solution. After reopening less than a year ago with just one child, our breakfast club is now going from strength to strength, with a number of children enjoying a leisurely breakfast in setting from 8.15 every day. Again, in response to demand, we have also recently opened our after preschool club with extended hours, which now operates Mondays until 5pm and Wednesdays and Thursdays until 4.30pm.