Newsletter – July 2014

Sports Day is always one of the highlights of the preschool year, and at Yatton Keynell Under 5s this Summer, it was even more special, as it was also the last day for those children moving up to school. It was therefore a great opportunity for the staff, parents and children, to spend their last day all together and say farewell.

After several weeks of practising, all the pre-schoolers had great fun taking part in a number of races, including running, egg and spoon, and an obstacle course. This year, there was even a relay race, which saw all the children working together to cross the finishing line!

At the end, all the children were presented with medals they made and decorated themselves. This was followed by a picnic lunch for children staff and parents.

The day was obviously tinged with sadness and there were even a few tears, as the staff said ‘Goodbye’ to 20 4 year old children as they more to primary school in September. Many of the children have been at Under 5s for several years, and it’s always emotional to watch them leave. However, it’s also a time to celebrate how much the children have grown, learnt and developed during their time at Under 5s and as they are now ready to take the next step to school. As a memento of their time at Under 5s, each school leaver was presented with a PE bag that they decorated themselves and a story book.

As the Summer approaches, it’s also time to look forward to the next academic new year, and with lots of new starters in September, there are exciting times ahead! There are still spaces available in all sessions (Monday – Thursday), so visit for further information.