Newsletter – June 2014

This June, the sun has actually been shining, so the pre-schoolers at Yatton Keynell Under 5s have been making the most of the good weather and focusing on the summer.

There has been lots of opportunity to enjoy the outdoors, with many walks in the park and fields, focusing on the sounds the children can hear and the shapes they can see. The children also love collecting ‘treasure’ in the form flowers, leaves and even grass, which are often then used to make lovely collages. There’s also been plenty of opportunity to play with balls on the tennis courts or play in the park. The back garden is coming into its own and perfect for making mud pies in! The vegetables sown earlier in the year are starting to grow and the children have been able to pick strawberries for snack time. The tadpoles are also still providing lots of excitement for the children who are eagerly watching their development into frogs.

The Summer always means sports day, and although this doesn’t take place at Under 5s until next month, the children have already been putting in lots of practice! It’s a great opportunity for children to try lots of different races in advance, choose their favourites and give them lots of confidence for the actual day.

Our other main focus this month has been around Father’s Day. The children talked about what they love about their dads and drew some lovely pictures of them, talking about similarities and differences between them, e.g. hair and eye colour. As always, the children were all very keen to make their cards, making painted footprints on them and practicing writing their names inside.