Newsletter – May 2014

This month has seen a baby boom at Yatton Keynell Under 5s…in the form of tadpoles!
It a great opportunity for the children to learn about the life cycle of a frog, and the children are really excited to see how the tadpoles change day by day. Some of tadpoles even have names and the children are drawing the tadpoles at various stages of developing into frogs, so they can record the life cycle for themselves.

At Under 5s, as much as possible, themes and activities are guided by the interests of the children. Preschoolers have the best possible opportunity to learn and develop if they are interested and engaged in activities. As a result, the past month the preschool was filled with pirates and bugs! The children loved spending time taking part in a whole host of bug related activities – from making their favourite bugs and having some locusts visit, to using The Hungry Caterpillar book as the source of inspiration for lots of number based learning activities.

All children love pirates, and our pre-schoolers are no exception! Pirate week was full of lots of themed activities and the children even made their own pirate ship out of a box. No focus on pirates is complete without the obligatory treasure hunt or two! The children therefore spent lots of time finding treasure in the back garden and on the field, and made their own maps so they could mark with an X the location of their treasure.