Newsletter – November 2014

At Yatton Keynell Under 5s, many of the activities reflect seasons and themes and therefore Bonfire Night and Remembrance Day both featured heavily in November.

The children used their imagination and creative skills to make some lovely Bonfire and Firework pictures using black paper and coloured chalks. The pre-schoolers also learnt about keeping themselves safe around fireworks and bonfires, which also extended into awareness of fire safety.

To mark Remembrance Day, all the children contributed to a fantastic craft poppy picture, which once complete was displayed at the church in Yatton Keynell. At 11am on 11th November, all the children to part in a one minute silence. Keeping a room full of 2, 3 and 4 year olds still and quiet for any period of time can be challenging, and therefore we are really proud of the children for all observing the minutes silence and understanding its importance.

One popular activity at Under 5s this month which is often a favourite, is making items out of balsa wood – after all, most pre-schoolers like hammering and building things! This is a great activity for encouraging children to use their imagination and fine motor skills, whilst adding some (fully supervised!) risk to their learning and development and showing them the correct and safe way to use tools.

As we move into December with all the fun and excitement that that entails, the team are already making preparations. The Christmas nativity is one of the highlights for any preschool parents, but for the staff and children it requires lots of practising and learning of Christmas songs to make sure everything goes as smoothly as is possible on the day. On top of this, with Christmas crafts, other activities and a Christmas party, complete with a special guest dressed in red to come, there’s a fun month ahead for the Under 5s!