Newsletter – October 2014

At Under 5s, our preschool days are full of hands on experiences, providing the children with an exciting environment to grow, learn and develop friendships. And, this month was no different!

Harvest was a key theme in October that really captured the interest of the children and led to a whole host of activities. There was a lot of interest in fruit and vegetables, including counting and matching vegetables, our very own muddy field with hidden vegetables for the children to dig and the opportunity to look at the differences between different types of produce in relation to size, shape, colour and weight.

One highlight of the month was a visit from Tracie Philpott, who came to speak to the children about harvest and the process of planting, growing and harvesting corn, then making the flour and then bread. This was then followed by the children drawing pictures of their favourite foods, which then ranged from pizza and cake to marmite sandwiches!

Following this, the children all had the opportunity to make their own bread, which all the children found fascinating! They loved weighing the ingredients mixing it all together and most of all watching the bread rise in the bowl. The resultant rolls that the children then formed may have been slightly misshapen, but tasted really good!

Despite some rain, there was still an opportunity for the pre-schoolers to spend lots of time outside, and one of their favourite activities was to collect seasonal leaves and pinecones and then make a collage with their finds.

Alongside harvest, the children have also had lots of fun with their favourite activities, including PE, letters and sounds and junk modelling. With Christmas activities around the corner, there is plenty of excitement ahead for the children a Under 5s!