Newsletter – September 2014

At Yatton Keynell Under 5s, it’s great to be back after the long Summer holidays. The children are all refreshed and excited, with lots of stories of where they’ve been on holiday and activities they have enjoyed.

This month, the children have been settling down back into preschool life, getting to know each other again and meeting the new starters to Under 5s. The children have been discussing on a daily basis how to keep safe and be happy at pre-school and have also set their own ‘Golden Rules’ for this coming academic year.

In order to promote positive behaviour, the preschool has a new tree, which the children have called a ‘plum tree’. Each time a child displays some positive behaviour, whether it is sharing or being nice to a friend or persevering with a new skill, there are rewarded with their own plum for the tree.

Following an ‘All about me’ theme, the children have also been making a ‘my favourite things’ book, which has helped to develop their language and communication and is a lovely memento for parents. It has also helped the children to learn to follow instruction, and also with their fine motor skills when holding a pencil correctly.

The pre-schoolers have also enjoyed some body mapping, where their bodies were drawn around whilst lying on the ground. Some of the children wanted to take this further and decorate them and in doing this they used some wonderful mathematical language in terms of bigger, taller, longer and shorter.

The Autumn is always a great time of the year, for the children to get excited about the outdoors. The preschool had a very colourful interactive display table with some items collected from our British hedgerow. The children loved looking at all of these things and learning what they were, and the dangers of some of the berries. Following on from this, they made some beautiful collage pictures, developing their creative side and talking about what they were doing in the process. This was then followed by a number of nature walks to see if they could then see any of the items growing wild in the hedgerow, and the children were particularly fascinated by the discovery of some sweetcorn growing in the field.